An offering from Eunice: Reflecting with St. Francis

June 16, 2012

A Prayer to Prepare to Pray the Prayer of St. Francis

I often begin or end my morning meditation with the Prayer of St. Francis.  Recently as I prayed I realized how much this prayer asks of me and that I have little or nothing to give unless God first fills me.  I felt prompted to pray the prayer in a new way to prepare myself to pray it in the traditional way.  And so I pray …

Prince of Peace, be my Source of deep and abiding peace;
where there is hatred within me, sow your love;
where there is injury, sow your pardon;
where there is doubt within me, sow faith;
where there is despair within me, sow hope;
and where there is sadness within me, sow your joy.
O Love Divine, grant me consolation that
I may be a source of consolation for others.
Grant me understanding that I may offer it to others.
Teach me to receive graciously that I may give generously.
Grant me pardon that I may freely pardon others.
Help me to die to self so that I may open myself
fully to you and be reborn to eternal Life.


Eunice Cheshire, Founding Director
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