An offering from Nancy Kate: Bearers of seeds

July 13, 2015

Pine cones, bearers of seeds, a hidden latent forest lying on the ground. Notice the seeds, notice the potential.

(c) Bonnie Oden
(c) Bonnie Oden

As a spiritual director I am always looking for what else is there than what is showing, more than what is said. What is the unseen God doing? What is the unseen love, grace, call that is inside the part we can see? From years of noticing seeds in students, to now noticing seeds in spiritual directees, I cannot see what is before me without wondering what more there might be. How did I learn to look at something or someone and see more than what shows? I honor those who have seen the seeds of goodness in me even when I feel protected by my outer shell. What is the invitation to accept what makes the seeds grow inside me?

(c) 2015 Nancy Kate Dunkerley

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