There Is No Fear in Love – An Advent Offering from Cheryl-Ann Monteiro

December 19, 2017

The Bible has numerous stories of God’s call for the faithful who least expect it. Whether it is Zechariah, or the virgin Mary, the feeling referred to in that instance is fear. They are admonished not to be afraid. How does fear impair God’s action and presence in our lives?  The message of the angel rings out – fear cannot abide with obedience to God’s invitation to trust. The first letter of John tells us that there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear because fear implies punishment. One who fears is not yet perfect in love. It also tells us that we love because God first loved us – in becoming human like us – and whoever remains in love, remains in God and God in him. What fears do we need to cast out this Advent, so that God’s call may lead our lives?

(c) 2017 Cheryl-Ann Monteiro

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