An offering from Evelyn: Living by Faith

March 24, 2015

Living by faith has become a way of life. Living by faith allows me to see God as I “read between the lines” of my circumstances. Faith reveals where God is in all situations both good and difficult ones.

(c) Bonni Oden
(c) Bonni Oden

Finding God no matter what I am faced with gives me hope. Experience has taught me that hope does not depend on the outcome but on trusting God. Understanding hope this way has increased my trust in God. Is it easy? No, because I am human. Internal resistance and struggle kick in. It’s a control issue-me or God. So faithful living is an ongoing process.

My faith anchors me to God’s eternal power and divine nature. When I fall short of righteousness and faithful living, God’s love, mercy, grace and forgiveness frees me to move forward into faithful living with hope and increased trust.

Romans 1:17b “The one who is righteous will live by faith.”

Evelyn Pope

© 2015


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