An Offering from Lee: Holy Humor

September 16, 2013

Does God have a sense of humor?

Do you have to be serious all the time to be a good Christian?

Could laughter and joy and maybe even being a little bit silly be part of God’s vision for our lives?

The famous theologian Reinhold Niebuhr says, “Humor is, in fact, the prelude to faith; and laughter is the beginning of prayer.”


Let’s explore this idea together!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 from 10am til noon

at Midway Hills Christian Church, 11001 Midway Road, Dallas, TX,  75229.

$20 at the door.

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An offering from Lee: Life is funny

August 29, 2012

Life is funny.

Doesn’t it just make you laugh all the time?

Yeah, right

Me too! (not)

What does make you laugh?

What make you smile?

What gives you joy?




Beautiful places


Small children

I think these are more or less universal.

What else does it for you? (List)

Do you have special memories of those kinds of uplifting times? (Remember)

Are their things that you can do or people you can be with that tend to offer you these sorts of experiences? (How long has it been since you did those things or were with those people?)

How often do you laugh at yourself? Is it easy to do or hard?

I may be kind of unusual (understatement probably) but I believe that God is in every smile, laughter and joy we experience (as long as it is not at someone else’s expense).

In fact one of my special names for God is “My Jokester God.” God has such a sense of humor with me!  God is always surprising me, playing tricks on me, being silly and funny with me!

Do you see that side of God in your life?

If you haven’t …I think, and this is just me, but I think you would if you looked for it! No really. It is there, and if you ask God to show you , I bet in no time you will start noticing “My Jokester God” paying visits to you, too!

Tell me about it when it happens! I want to hear your stories that will let me be around that part of God even more.  Email me at


Lee Self

Rev. E. Lee Self


Dear God of fun and silliness and joy,

Be with us all. Help us open our hearts, minds, eyes and ears to you.  Help us share your holy joy with all that we meet.  Help us use the sense of humor that you gave us to make this world a better and easier place to live.  Help us share your love in seriousness and in light-hearted fun. For you are our creator and with us through it all.


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