An Offering from Rhesa: Hiddenness

December 22, 2013

Now that Christianity has become one of the major world religions and million of people utter the name of Jesus every day, it’s hard for us to believe that Jesus revealed God in hiddenness. But neither Jesus’ life nor his death nor his resurrection were intended to astound us with the great power of God. God became a lowly, hidden, and almost invisible God…Henri Nouwen in In Joyful Hope

In a world that celebrates and encourages celebrity, how can you embrace hiddenness?

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An Offering from Donnie: Reflections on Luke 1

December 9, 2013

Luke 1:26-38—Second Monday of Advent

The Angel Gabriel was sent from God…May it be done to me according to your word.

A year ago or so I read a book by Shawn Small, The Via Advent.  These are my memories of that engaging book.

Have you ever wondered what Mary was doing when the Angel Gabriel visited her?  We know she was betrothed to Joseph and like any young woman, she may have been daydreaming about her wedding day.  How many guests would attend and what gifts would they bring; would the wedding feast last for days?

She may of thought about Joseph, wondering what he was doing and was he thinking about her.  As she entertained these thoughts, she suddenly felt herself engulfed in a great light as if the fire in the fireplace had transformed the entire room.  Then a figure materialized before her, so brilliantly bright as to be blinding yet she couldn’t look away.  Finally, the figure spoke and it sounded like a mountain breeze carrying a beautiful song to her ears.  “Hail, O favored one…”

Gabriel must have been startled when Mary didn’t seem to be taken aback by his imposing appearance, as so many others he had visited had done.  Gabriel must have thought to himself, ‘Who is this woman?”  As he continued with his pronouncement …”He will be called the Son of the Most High”…  Mary began to glow but it was not the word that the long awaited Messiah was coming that confounded her but the fact that Yahweh had chosen her, she was the favored one.

Mary was sure she was still in her daydream, how could she be standing before the Lord’s messenger?  She wondered how she could do any of what Gabriel was saying—she was a virgin, in fact, she had never been alone with a man.  Gabriel looked into the innocent eyes of the girl and said, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you…the child to be born will be called Holy, the Son of God.”  Mary was somehow able to simply receive the Gabriel’s words as truth.

Finally he said to her, “Did you know that your cousin Elizabeth…is now six months pregnant with child?  Nothing is impossible with God.”  At this announcement, Mary was astonished and Gabriel waited for her response.  Speaking slowly in a whisper of humility and surrender, Mary said, “I understand the will of the Father.  I am his servant…let it be with me according to all you have spoken and revealed.”  Gabriel then slowly left her.

Mary found herself at home again and wondered if she had actually been gone or was it part of her daydream.  As she sat there she looked down at her belly knowing Life was within her womb.

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An Offering from Evelyn: Gratitude

November 18, 2013

Exodus 33:14  God said, “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.”

I’ve always loved the Thanksgiving holiday. The gathering of the larger, extended family around the table filled with special food was always unifying and grounding.  My Thanksgiving traditions have changed.  Now I share the holiday with a smaller part of my family. We still gather at the table which is filled with special food.  I still find it unifying and grounding.  In reflection on the transition of tradition, I find the essence of what provides unity.  It is God’s presence.

God’s presence allows me to be content in my circumstances.  This awareness allows me to live authentically.  God’s grace abounds when I shed pretense and realize that I have enough.  Gratitude follows.  Gratitude becomes not only a response but an attitude that infuses all areas of my life.  Gratitude opens my heart so God’s love flows.  A deep sense of inner peace results.

Looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving celebration, I am grateful for God’s presence in the past.  I am grateful for God’s presence now.  God’s grace surrounded me through the years.  God’s presence has gone with me.  My awareness has increased over the years. In this moment I am filled with love and resting in God’s inner peace.

Take a minute to reflect on your awareness of God’s presence as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. How do awareness, grace and gratitude blend to form the foundation for true Thanksgiving. What might result?



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An Offering from PJ: Thanksgiving

November 14, 2013

Have trust in God

Above, that this day will bring His

Promises and

Peace upon each of

You and your loved ones.


This Thanksgiving season let our

Hearts be full with grateful

Adoration and praise for God.

Nothing can separate us from His love,

Kindness, joy, faithfulness,

Saving mercy and amazing


Include in our prayers today

Volumes of thankfulness for

Incredible blessings that are ours

Now and forever though

God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

COPYRIGHT ©2012 PJ Gover

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