An offering from Diana: Resting in God’s Arms

November 22, 2012

In 2010 I had the opportunity to take a year off, refocus my priorities, and rest my body, mind and soul.  I had become utterly exhausted physically and emotionally which stunted my spiritual growth. I was like a tired child needing to be held. I needed God to just hold me. I needed to rest in God’s loving arms.

I was reminded without the rhythm of rest in our lives allowing the body, mind and spirit to be refreshed we will grow weary and lost.   We need to follow the example of Jesus and go and find a quiet place and rest.  Many of us ignore the warning signs of fatigue and try to turn them off.  Then cry out to the Lord to help us and fix us when our bodies give out. Wayne Muller in Sabbath; Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight In Our Busy Lives, explains, “Jesus did not wait until everyone had been properly cared for, until all who sought him were healed. He did not ask permission to go, nor did he leave anyone behind “on call,” or even let his disciples know where he was going. Jesus obeyed a deeper rhythm. When the moment for rest had come, the time for healing was over. He would simply stop, retire to a quiet place, and pray.” Muller later explores that in one translation of the biblical phrase “to pray” is “to come to rest”. He says, “When Jesus prayed he was at rest, nourished by the healing spirit that saturates those still, quiet places.” Muller stated, “In Jesus tradition, prayer can be a practice of simply being in the presence of God, allowing the mind to rest in the heart.”


Diana Maahs

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