Life is busy and getting busier.  Spirituality for Busy World is designed for busy people like you. During the year we offer four, short, two-hour programs on current spiritual topics.  The format is contemplative and casual. Each presenter in his or her own style will cover a current topic with a combination of education and time for reflection.  You are encouraged to bring a journal. Other items needed to participate in the program will be provided for you.

Programming for the 2020 year is below.


JANUARY 21, 2020

Ryan Campbell | Staff Chaplain at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas

Story can be the vehicle that leads humans towards health and wholeness as it connects us to ourselves, others, nature, and the Transcendent.  We will look at two ways of experiencing sacred narrative used in the spiritual guidance of children and will wonder about how much methodologies invite stories to be told by all ages and in all settings.  In addition, we will engage in creating and uncovering the stories that are part of our own spiritual stories.

Ryan Campbell is a board-certified chaplain and Pastoral Care Manager at Children’s Health in Dallas, Tx, where he has been on staff for nearly 10 years, serving patients, families and staff. He is currently finishing a Doctor of Ministry degree, and his interests include children’s spirituality, hope and meaning-making through sacred narrative. Ryan has a son and a dog, both of which keep him wondering.

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APRIL 21, 2020

Eunice Cheshire | Spiritual Director and HeartPaths Core Faculty Member

Using images from ancient and popular sources, we will explore how feelings can serve as messengers from God to provide knowledge about our inner lives.  We will learn how together with prayer and reflection they can guide us.   The role feelings play in how we live out our lives cannot be overestimated.  Too often they are ignored or acted upon without any awareness of their impact. In this interactive and positive workshop, we will investigate the messages we’ve received about feelings and seek a deeper appreciation of their power for our well-being.

Eunice Cheshire is an experienced spiritual director, speaker, trainer, and retreat leader.  She currently serves on the Board of Spiritual Ministries Institute and the core faculty of HeartPaths DFW, both of which she helped to found.  Formerly, Eunice was director of women’s programming at Marywood Retreat Center and the former national trainer for Ministry of Mothers Sharing.  Her rich variety of ministry and service includes 25 years in faith formation and leadership positions on the parish and diocesan level.

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