December 1, 2013
Small snowcovered tree

Advent is a time of waiting, watching, expecting – a time to prepare our hearts to receive Christ the newborn King.  With all the frantic activity going on around us how do we prepare our hearts for this magnificent gift?  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought in recent weeks and decided that I will not give in to the frenzy this year.  I want to experience fully the joy of anticipation, the mystery of waiting.

This year, I am:

  •       spending more time in contemplation of the Story and less time on my gift list
  •       taking more time to sit in wonder of this priceless gift; less on worrying if I’ll get it all done
  •       offering more prayers of gratitude for my family, friends, community and my life
  •       giving more of myself to God and those around me

The fulfillment of God’s promises is a priceless gift that we are offered every day of the year.  What better time to consider the boundless love of our God offered in human form to live among us, to laugh, to cry, to live in a way that raised the bar to its highest level?

I am setting aside more time each day, especially on the busiest days, for solitude to consider this priceless gift and what it means for my life.  In those precious moments I will celebrate this gift with wonder and gratitude.  Taking time to “Be still and know…” opens us to contemplate not only the gift of Christ but the very miracle of being alive.  This season is about love – God’s love for us and our love for one another.  Those are gifts of such magnitude that prayerfully preparing ourselves to receive them is the only way we can fully appreciate them.

Waiting in gratitude and wonder,


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