Clay Brantley

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What is the faithful way forward? How does healing come to those living in a racist society?  Can we move too quickly to forgiveness and not do the work racism is calling us into? Can we lament? Can we cry out in anger to God? Can we have justice? How do we move towards justice? How do we listen to the deep pain within us, some of it seen and much of it unseen?  What do we speak?  What do we leave unspoken? These are all questions that arise during this time.  How do we live with these questions as spiritual guides and spiritual listeners?

The Rev. Dr. Clay Brantley will lead a conversation about racism and our move toward healing.  Clay participated with Faith Forward Dallas in a Civil Rights Pilgrimage in April 2018, traveling to Jackson, then Memphis for the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of  Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination, then onto Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Atlanta. Having grown up in south Louisiana, Clay long ago discovered his own racism and knew he need to make this journey as part of his own healing. Clay has not arrived where he is called and yearns to be in the area of racism.  There is much we can learn together.

You are invited into a deep look at racism within and around, how it effects our lives and society, and how our conversations about racism can open doors to healing and justice.  This will be a time of honesty, of sharing and hearing, of trusting deeply in the movement of God’s Spirit among us.

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Clay Brantley has been a Presbyterian minister for over 32 years. He is a graduate of Texas A&M, Austin Seminary (M.Div. and D.Min.), and SMU Perkins School of Theology (M.T.S.)  Clay has served churches in Malvern, Arkansas; Sherman, McKinney, Garland, Whitesboro, and Denton, Texas.  Three years ago Clay left parish ministry to follow the call of Christ into a more mystical journey.  He has contemplated and meditated, attended Jesuit 8 day silent retreats, encountered Wild Mustangs, worked on the U.S./Mexico border, traveled to Lebanon and Syria and Cuba, spoken at youth conferences and summer camps, participated in mission trips, and become an active part of the Retreat House in Richardson, Texas.  Clay is married to Crysta and they have a son Drew who is 24 and a daughter Michaela who is 21.