April 22, 2013

Romans 12:12, “rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer…”

 cracked ground

From a distance the pastures at the ranch appear to be as pristine as a city park.  But, when you walk across the fields you’ll be surprised at what you find.  Not only is the ground uneven but among the good grasses you’ll notice weeds, thorns, cracks, rocks and gnarled roots from nearby oaks and cedar elms.  Watch where you step; it’s easy to stumble.


Imagine how pleasing it was to spot a tiny pink flower pushing its way through the soil recently.  That little bud offered a glimpse of beauty and perfection in what is otherwise difficult terrain.  It must have endured infrequent rains, hard soil, intrusive weeds, changing winds, varied temperatures, harsh mowing and, of course, cow hooves.  Still, it thrived!


On our life journey neglect, pressure, pain, disappointment and despair follow us and we may fall flat but we have hope.  Our Faithful Father enables us to not only face all that life flings our way but flourish in the midst of it, too.  The next time difficulties threaten; remember the posy with the perennial perseverance and floral fortitude!  Then, whisper a prayer of thanks.


Happily Holding onto His Hope, PJ

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