April 8, 2014

Relationship-building, or renewing,  or even repairing is hard to do at a distance. Despite all our technological gadgets to help us keep in touch, nothing seems to replace personal contact.

There are people I care about but really don’t see or talk to… Sometimes it’s strangers whose stories in the news touch my heart. Sometimes it’s people whom I’ve known but who have moved away and we’ve lost touch.

Tomorrow someone I love but have not seen in many years has a birthday. I think her 61st. It seems to me her life has unfolded unpredictably. From my perspective it might have been exciting as she has lived many places, experienced many varied ways of life.

I wonder today what perspective she has as she moves into these so called wisdom years. How does her life seem to her? To me she has always been the most beautiful of her large family. I wonder if she has ever seen that in herself? I pray for her and others whom I ‘love-from-a-distance.’

May she, and others, walk in beauty and peace.

coming to the light

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