November 30, 2016

Our readings for Advent include images of being swept away or left standing in a field (Mathew 24:37-44).  During this first week of Advent, in which we are called to hopefear might be our first reaction! We are taught that perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18), but we may doubt our capacity for perfect love.  That’s where the hope comes in.

(c) Bonnie Oden

How can we hope to love the way God loves?  If we approach Advent as a time of preparation of our hearts (not just our houses), how can we open ourselves to God’s grace?  During this hectic time, nothing seems harder to come by than stillness.  Yet, if we don’t intentionally seek quiet moments, how can we ever hear the still, small voice?  That voice might remind us that God came to earth to put perfect love within reach.  Even for us.  Now that’s something worth hoping for.

Nancy Jagmin
SMI Networking Chair

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