December 11, 2016

Reflection on a collage…

The topic was about “cultivating joy,” something I hadn’t considered. What would cultivating this wondrous gift be like? I felt I could make more progress starting with pictures that might lead me to words, and this was the resulting collage. What did I notice?

(c) Nancy Dunkerley

My eye was drawn to the mortar and pestle, so large and central to the assemblage. Then the dancers– Girl in soft pink costume or delicate tulle, satin shoes…seems pensive. The woman in sexy red dress, dramatic flair.. seems assertive. Then the paints and brushes overlapping with a journaling hand. Then the wine glasses—fruit of the vine and work of human hands… the liturgy says “Let it become for us spiritual drink.” Then the totem pole—symbol of spirit mystery in nature and in us. Then a group gathered… If we are ever to cultivate joy, we seldom do it alone.

The medley of images—Joy, a mix of body and spirit.

Nancy Dunkerley

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