March 6, 2014

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and so we went to church.  I confess I wasn’t really in the mood; I wasn’t sure I am even ready to keep Lent (or let Lent keep me) this year. I wanted to skip the repentance and go straight to the new life of Easter and springtime.

Today, after washing the ashes out of my hair, I sat down to think… No, I guess I am open to Lent, but this time I’m more aware than before that I don’t have the whatever to “make a good Lent” for myself… I definitely need God’s grace and help!

It’s not about keeping any special discipline so much as daily relying on God to help me remain faithful … I’m hoping that I can just day by day live out the “yes” I’ve already given.

And maybe that will count as repentance enough.

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