August 7, 2013

A vase shatters and breaks into many pieces, just like me.
Some of the pieces are ground to dust, gone
A gust of air blows those parts away, lost
So there cannot be a vase again.
All these sharp beautiful pieces of glass remain.
What will I do with them?
Make something new?
What is left of what was and what can it become?
A stained glass window?
An art-deco plate?
Some sort of bird house?
A pot for plants?
A decorated bench?
Possibilities are limited by
and hope…
But the hardest part
(and the first step)
to becoming,
to growing,
to new life…
Is admitting it is broken
and then letting go of the vase I have truly loved.
When I can do that,
I can let go of what was,
and let it start becoming what it will be.–Lee Self

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