August 15, 2013

John 7:37-38 Jesus cried out “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, and the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ’Rivers of living water shall flow out of the believer’s heart.’”

August is the hottest month. We have had several continuous days of over 100 degrees temperature. When it’s this hot my thoughts turn to staying hydrated. I keep a bottle of water close by at all times. I notice my thirst most when running errands, getting in and out of the car that’s baked in the sun. Taking a slow swallow of cool water is refreshing when I am hot and sweaty. If I’m lucky, a drop trickles down my mouth and runs down my chin on to my neck. Relief! Ah!
It is more important to stay spiritually hydrated than it is to stay physically hydrated.
In this passage from John, I think Jesus is talking about those of us who are spiritually thirsty not just physically thirsty. My spiritual thirst can be quenched by the river of living water that flows through me. My mental image of the Holy Spirit living in me is of a river or stream of water flowing through me. I picture this stream functioning as renewing my soul. It fills me with love. It delivers God’s grace and mercy. I also picture this flow of water removing any impurities that may cause a block or dam. If the dam formed, it would cause stagnation. This spiritual flow takes out the toxins of bitterness, envy.
Prayer is the pathway to experiencing rivers of living water flowing out of my heart. In prayer I have a spiritual ” Ah” with Living Water. In the process of prayer, I am grounded in humility with gratitude and praise. I become aware of the presence of God. I rest in God’s love. I am protected. I am content. All is well with my soul.
Staying spiritually hydrated,

One thought on “An Offering from Evelyn: Living Water”

  1. Love the picture of prayer being your spiritual “Ah”. There is certainly something that happens within us when we slow down enough to spend time with the Lord. We come away refreshed. Blessings!

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