November 4, 2014

I have no doubt that God is always present. Although I cannot offer scientific proof, I know it from my own life experiences and from the stories like the following one that are often shared with me.

“Just six weeks short of her 100th birthday, Mother died early on a Tuesday morning in June,.  That same day I had reservations to fly to Austin for a few days, then go on to San Antonio to see her.  So I changed my Southwest flight to go directly to San Antonio.  Because of the last minute change, I had a high boarding number and the plane was crowded so I had to take the first seat I came to.  It was an aisle seat next to a lady with her husband.  I noticed she was crying, and he didn’t seem to be comforting her or touching her.  After we took off, I decided to reach out to her although the introvert in me wasn’t at all sure it was the right thing to do.  I took her hand and asked if I could do anything for her.  She said, “My mother died this morning in San Antonio, and I wasn’t with her.”  I replied that my mother had also died that morning, and I wasn’t with her.  We held hands and talked the whole flight about our mothers who both had scoliosis and osteoporosis, and who lived in a lot of pain despite being alert mentally.  Her mother was 93.  As we stood to deplane, I asked her name.  She said it was Ann Black, and I told her mine was Amy White!  I think our mothers were in heaven and asked God to put us together so we could comfort each other.  I still get chill bumps when I tell the story. I firmly believe this was a message from God that our mothers were safe with Him.”

Whether you call this Divine Providence, a God moment, holy synchronicity, or simply, grace, I am sure it is a sign of an ever present and loving God, and a moment on consolation to be celebrated.

Eunice Cheshire

Spiritual Director

HeartPaths Founding Faculty Member

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