January 13, 2014

In the pre-dawn quiet, on December 31st,  I sat by candlelight prayerfully gazing into my coffee cup. It was almost empty, reflective of the number of days remaining on the calendar. Yet tomorrow the calendar will be full once again. So I prayed about empty vessels becoming full, wondering what my cup might have to offer this coming year. Then I remembered the wedding of Cana.

When the wine vessels were empty, Mary directed the servants to “do whatever [Jesus] tells you” (John 2:5). Surely the servants had no idea why they were filling the jars with water when they figured what they should be doing is finding more wine! Yet they obeyed. The servants brought what they had and it was simple. Did they worry where the wine would come from? Perhaps not. Perhaps they trusted that provision was the responsibility of the host. They simply and faithfully brought the most basic element, water. Jesus stood by and received it, and the most basic element was turned into his glory.

Holy Spirit, fill us to the brim with a heart like Christ, that we might be faithful with our simple offerings; faithful even in bringing what sometimes feels like dirty water, trusting you to turn it into something beautiful. Thank you for Jesus, Immanuel, who shows us the way. Amen.

Amy is a graduate of HeartPaths.

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