About SMI


The mission of Spiritual Ministries Institute, Inc. is to encourage ways that open us to the work of the Spirit, but which respect and in no way diminish the uniqueness and beauty of each person’s particular faith tradition.  SMI fosters multi-denominational spiritual growth by promoting and offering:

–              retreats
–              spiritual formation workshops and training
–              spiritual direction
–              a network of active spiritual directors

We hope you will be blessed by these offerings.  Check out our scheduled offerings with the Spirituality in a Busy World© series, retreats and workshops.  In addition to items already on the calendar, many offerings are available to bring to your home church or community gathering.  Contact us explore this opportunity. The SMI Board of Directors embraces the daily business activities of the ministry offerings at SMI.  You may contact each member directly, or for general needs you may have. 

email info@spiritualministriesinstitute.org


Eunice Cheshire 
Founding Director of SMI, HeartPaths DFW Faculty, Spiritual Director
and Retreat Leader

Nancy Dunkerley
Founding Director of SMI, Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader

Dr. Nancy Jagmin
SMI Board President, HeartPaths DFW Faculty, Spiritual Director
Retreat Leader

Debra Cook
Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader

Deanna Hollas
SMI Treasurer, Spiritual Director, Workshop Facilitator, MDiv,
Presbyterian Church (USA)

Donnie Hawley
Spiritual director and Retreat Leader

Rev. Dr. Lil Smith

Founder of Retreat House, Spiritual Director, Supervisor, and Retreat Leader
Presbyterian Church (USA)

Elaine Weber
SMI Secretary, Spiritual Director, HeartPaths DFW Faculty