March 18, 2013

Getting a contact stuck in the wrong place in my eye was not a pleasant experience. My eye watered, hurt and turned red. The worst part was I could not see out of that eye. With eye drops, waiting, more eye drops and finally a trip to the doctor, the contact moved back into place. As I blinked I could see. It was so good to see clearly and without pain.

The same is true on the spiritual level. It is easy to get caught up in circumstances as the world says they are or should be and lose track on what God’s perspective is. Prayer clears my spiritual vision. I admit that I react to circumstances not to my immediate liking much the same way as I did to a stuck contact. Sometimes I complain, perhaps feel sorry for myself, and get angry at the situation, others or myself before I turn to God in prayer. Prayer allows me to become aware of God’s presence within the circumstances. Awareness of God in the midst of the issue leads to surrendering once again to God. Although the situation has not changed, my attitude has. I am freed from the vicious cycle of worry and stress. Prayer has also freed God to move freely into the circumstances, leaving me with peace and hope.

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