God is pleased with such a servant: An offering from Dr. Nancy Kate Dunkerley

Isaiah 53:10-12

Hard to understand that “it pleased” God that the good servant suffered, was crushed in pain. What? It sounds like God wanted the undeserved pain of one who serves! How can that be?

I try to see more… to see the love the servant has for everyone else, for all the others, the many who sin, whose relationship with God is broken (including me and many whom I love). That the servant’s love for God is great enough to restore all those others? That one person’s love can have such an effect on the many?! That one person can save so many?!!

Yes, surely God is pleased with such a servant.

And there are such servants among us. One was David Sherrard, 37, husband, father, police officer in Richardson TX. Killed in the line of duty, February 7, 2018.

May his soul and all similar faithful servants rest in peace. Surely God is pleased with them.

(c) Dr. Nancy Kate Dunkerley
HeartPaths Core Faculty
Spiritual Director and Supervisor

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