Little Children Come to Me – An offering from Eduardo Ugarte

Mk 10:13-16 Let the little children come to me.

This is a wonderful invitation that Jesus makes to all of us, be like a little child.  How can I be or become a child?  A child is simple, all trusting, without agendas, and no control is needed.  A child comes to its parents simply to ask a question, to ask for something it wants, perhaps to ask for a hug, for a kiss or for something to eat.  They trust/believe what the parents lovingly give or tell them.  Children are totally reliant on their parents to the point that their life depends on them.  We must remember that is child is totally dependent on its mother for nine months.  It is crucial to recognize our dependence for everything on our Father/Mother in heaven just as a child is to its parents.  We must become children to enter a loving relationship with the Father/Mother.

(c) 2018 Eduardo Ugarte

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