Jesus, can we just talk about this? – An offering from Dr. Nancy Kate Dunkerley

Mark 6:7-13

Jesus, can we just talk about this? In this passage you send your chosen twelve to go from place to place acting in your stead and they are to travel light, without bags, provisions, or money… only a staff.

I’ve got issues, Lord. Is that ok? I’ve had a lot of experience of not being among those “chosen,” and it’s hard to think you would choose me from among others . So, I start off this passage already thinking it’s not about me. So, how should I read this?

And then there’s the ”take nothing for the journey” part. That’s way out of my experience! I think I really need my purse, or at least cash, or my credit cards! I can try not to overpack, but to take nothing? That’s asking a lot.

Help me to pray with this passage! What are you saying to me now?

(c) 2018 Dr. Nancy Kate Dunkerley
HeartPaths Core Faculty
SMI Board of Director

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