If I but Touch His Clothes – An offering from Rev. Sherry Ward

Mark 5: 25-34
” If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well.”
In a humble cinderblock, tin roofed church one Sunday in Haiti, Pastor Charlie read this scripture as he walked and asked: “Does anyone here have a loose thread on your garment?” People searched their clothing and then a lady produced a thread a few inches long from the hem of her dress and shyly handed it to him.
He held up the thread, led the people back into the scripture scene with Jesus and the woman and said: “Even to have touched a thread on the hem of Jesus’ cloak is enough.”
This very day Christ seeks us out in our pain and distress ever ready to receive us with healing mercies and grace in abundance.  Dare to reach out .  Dare to touch even a thread on the hem of his garment.  See Jesus saying: “Daughter, one of my family, your faith has made you well.”
(c) 2018 Rev. Sherry Ward
Spiritual Director
The Retreat House Community

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