Teach Me – An offering from Dr. Nancy Kate Dunkerley

Psalm 27: 11-12

Teach me your way, O Lord…

Teach me… St. Ignatius of Loyola said there was a time when God “taught him like a schoolboy.

Can I be like that? Teachable like a schoolgirl? What if that were to happen in my prayer time? What
would that take?

  • Come to school, to prayer, eager to learn.
  • Show up on time; no playing hooky.
  • Do my own homework.
  • Be willing to wonder, to ask questions.
  • Pay attention; notice things.
  • Listen to the teacher; don’t interrupt or do all the talking myself.
  • Bring what I need to study: books, paper, pen, etc.
  • Sit where I can see and hear without distraction.
  • Test my conclusions to see if I’m on the right track.

Help me to be teachable, Lord.

(c) 2018 Dr. Nancy Kate Dunkerley
HeartPaths Core Faculty
SMI Board of Directors

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