Ash Wednesday – A Time to Be Shaken Up – An Offering from Eunice Cheshire

Blow the ram’s horn trumpet in Zion!
Trumpet the alarm on my holy mountain!
Shake the country up! Joel 2:1  from the Message

We are baptized Christians blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  But sometimes we forget who we really are.  Lent is a time for purifying, for remembering and returning to who we are called to be, a time to be shaken up.

It’s easy to point the finger at the folks over there or the rest of the country and wish God would “shake” them up.  But as we are often reminded: when we point, we have three fingers pointing back at ourselves.  Perhaps this first day of Lent is the day to ask:  what in my life could use shaking up? Is it my words about others or to others?  Is it my attitude?  Is it my prayer practice or lack thereof? Is there someone I need to console or befriend?  Someone I need to forgive or encourage? Today let’s decide how we want God to shake up our life and ask God for that blessing this Lent.

(c) 2018 Eunice Cheshire
SMI Board of Directors
Core Faculty
HeartPaths DFW

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