To-Not-To-Do List – An Advent Offering from Nancy Kate Dunkerley

As December unfolds, my “TO-DO list” resists domestication . Worse, my calendar has the ability to add to the entries on this wild and insistent list that harasses my consciousness. To call the list a distraction is too mild. It wants to be tyrannical. It takes quite some effort on my part to try to tame it.

But I have an idea.  I can create another list, a “TO-NOT-DO list.” This one speaks of releasing and simplicity, of sharing and receiving, of being intentional about both a Sacred Yes and a Sacred No. Then I’ll let the two lists duke it out on their own, and I can sit back and relax as they figure it out on their own. Which list will reign as ruler of my mind and heart?


I think I’ll put my money on the new list.

(c) 2017 Nancy Kate Dunkerley, DMIN

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