We Have Seen Strange Things Today – An Advent Offering from Donnie Hawley

Luke 5:17-28

‘We have seen strange things today’.

This is one of my favorite passages in Luke.  Who wouldn’t like to have a group of friends like this paralyzed man?  They creatively worked as a team to get him front of Jesus and the result was a life changing event, Jesus used the power of God to cure this man’s body and forgive his sins.

Nothing had prepared the crowd for these events.  Isn’t that just what Advent is all about?  We celebrate Advent as the first coming of the Savior to the world.  The world was mostly unprepared for the coming of the Christ but we can prepare our hearts today.  We can follow the lead of the friends in this Gospel and creatively find a way to be put in front of Jesus.

(c) 2017 Donnie Hawley

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