Prepare the Way for the Lord – An Offering from Eunice Cheshire

“Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.”  – Mark 1:3

Most children have no trouble connecting these weeks before Christmas with waiting. Likewise, most adults have no trouble connecting the four weeks of Advent with preparation.  But if Jesus has already been born, what is our waiting and preparing for?  We are preparing and waiting for God to change our hearts.  We are waiting and preparing for the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth: a Kingdom of love, peace, and justice.   We are preparing for the Second Coming of Christ in glory by feeding the hungry, comforting the sorrowful, sheltering the homeless, caring for the sick, clothing the naked and working for peace and justice in this life.

(c) 2017  Eunice Cheshire
Spiritual Director &
HeartPaths Core Faculty

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