Spiritual Guidance for List-Making – An Offering from Nancy Kate Dunkerley

Do you make lists?

I do sometimes. There are lists of many kinds—Christmas wish lists, naughty or nice lists, “bucket lists,” the inevitable “TO DO list”. There’s even an app on my phone for managing lists and more.

I don’t always attend to everything on my lists. Recently, cleaning out some long neglected desk drawers, I found an old handwritten list. Some items were crossed out and others not, but I can’t remember what the list was for or how old it was. Why did I cross out some names? Did they give me something? Do I still owe some thank you notes?

Perhaps I need to do some prayer about my list-making this Advent. Maybe it’s time to be more reflective about what I say I really desire, what is really mine to do, and who needs my attending. I think I need some spiritual guidance about my list-making.

(c) 2017 Nancy Kate Dunkerley, DMIN

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