Be on guard! Be alert! – An offering from Eunice Cheshire

Be on guard! Be alert!

– Mark 13:33

At the beginning of Advent, we are often warned not to get distracted by consumerism and busyness. There is a real danger of making the holy season a frenzy of activity.  But we can retain the true spirit” of the Season if we are alert to our interior preparations and attitudes. We can make our Advent holy in many simple ways without giving up our favorite things – whether that is decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, baking, or hosting a party. With careful intention, these activities can be reflections of the love and generosity of Jesus.  We can resolve to look for God’s presence in the here and now, to see Christ in the blessings we have and in the faces of those who have too little. Whatever we do, let us do it with great love!

(c) 2017  Eunice Cheshire
Spiritual Director &
HeartPaths Core Faculty

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