An offering from Evelyn: How I long to join Jesus on the mountain!

Matthew 5:1-12

When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, His disciples came to him. Matthew 5:1

(C) Bonnie Oden

(C) Bonnie Oden

Reflecting on both the photo and the scripture I am struck by contrast. How I long to join Jesus on the mountain! As I mentally move out of the dark, closed space and into the light, I experience peace, the kind of peace that comes from God. It does not depend on my circumstances. I sit with Jesus and drink in his wisdom. This is not wisdom that the world understands. It is paradox.

Just as in the photo, life situations that seem dark and closed have a window that provides refreshing relief. Consistent practice of prayer and meditation allow me to find God in both darkness and light. Gathering wisdom from both deepens my relationship with God. This wisdom matures and leads toward transformation.

What can you learn from paradox?

(c) 2015 Evelyn Pope

One thought on “An offering from Evelyn: How I long to join Jesus on the mountain!

  1. elaineej says:

    For me, often that time in the darkness stimulates stronger and stronger desire for the light. I’m aware of a spiritual disconnect, and feel growing desire to step out in the Son’s Light, but sense utter withoutness and powerless. It seems a tough climb to take that first vulnerable step: I sincerely believe at that moment that I’m clueless and all past learning has abandoned me. And then in a brief span after renouncing my trust in self and languishing faith, Holy Spirit Presence is unmistakably Back, Upon, Within, and Around. That just happened today! And your words rang true. Same circumstances but totally different “heartset”. All about the situaion seems new. This time, the lesson I heard from the Holy Spirit was this: “Lay down your “oughts” If something’s not happening, you can trust I’m not in it, and move on. It’s not you that’s not good enough–It’s your practice of perfectionism that blocks My use of you. I’m not even back there. I’m on the mountain, and you’re gonna love it!”

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