An offering from Dorothy: Known to them in the breaking of the bread…

Jesus walked unrecognized with two of His disciples on the road to Emmaus after His resurrection and was not known to them until the breaking of the bread at the evening meal (Luke 24:31). breadEach time we take communion we, too, can know Christ again and again in this sacrament. After my mother died, I was in a deep state of grief. One Sunday at the altar rail during Eucharist, I felt an indescribable peace, a profound realization that Jesus and my mother were somehow together there in that moment. He is risen, indeed! He is there in the breaking of the bread, offering His love and His grace to all who will accept the gift.

(c) 2015 Dorothy Castle

One thought on “An offering from Dorothy: Known to them in the breaking of the bread…

  1. bonnieoden says:

    Dorothy, I had a similar experience after my beloved Dad died. My heart confirmation that he was with Jesus helped make my grief bearable. I was at the altar rail with my eyes closed and was crying in my grief. I saw Jesus with his arm around Dad’s shoulder and they were both joyous. An indescribable peace came over me. This happened often for months after my Dad died. I would picture that scene of Jesus’ love over and over again. . . until I didn’t need to anymore. What a blessing it was. What a gift.

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