An offering from Deborah: He lives within us all…

He is risen!birds-of-north-america_t4868

Like many others, I  draw closer to my Creator when I pause to appreciate the great outdoors.  There is just something about the overwhelming beauty and complexity of nature that seems to authoritatively proclaim His majesty.  Sadly though, much of this gift of creation is ill-used.  From global warming to overfishing and animal abuse, from the destruction of incomprehensible swaths of rainforest to massive water waste, it is a sad proclamation of how disconnected man is from his role of stewardship when it comes to caring for the environment.  And not only sad, but demoralizing and seemingly hopeless except for one very simple and very important belief: Jesus lives.  He lives within us all.  Thus, I can rely on his strength to have the courage to do my part to care for his creation.  And as I do my part, my hope grows with the reminder that Jesus’ power to save is greater than all the ills of the world combined.

(c) 2015 Deborah Bouis

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