An offering from Deborah: The root supports you…

You do not support the root, but the root supports you.  Romans 11:18bdeborah blog graphic 3.28.15
I love re-reading scripture because fresh truths appear, sometimes slowly upon reflection, sometimes glaringly fast; sometimes even a little of both, as happened with this short snippet from a passage in Romans.  It is easily scanned and easily agreed with…why yes, God does support me!  But the phrase beforehand clearly states that I do not support God.  What?  So I paused…and pondered.  Was there an example?  I was about to visit a friend who was recovering from surgery.  In this instance, am I supporting God?  Not so much.  The truth was, God didn’t need me…I needed Him.  Humbly, I realized that I hadn’t even invited God to bless the visit, something I rectified once I arrived at the hospital.  Walking down the sterile halls after a lovely time with my friend,  I was thankful that welcoming God into our moments is as close as a realization and a prayer.

(c) 2015 Deborah Bouis

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