An offering from David: Weighing the cost…

Mark 5: 1 – 20  “Weighing the Cost”


Jesus encounters both a man possessed by a “Legion” of unclean spirits and a group of people from this man’s hometown in a graveyard.  While the story is about an exorcism, its’ teaching moment is about weighing the cost of inviting Jesus to stay or inviting him to leave.  The townsfolk believed the price was too high (their dead herd of hogs) and ask him to go.  


In this Lenten season we too seek to go with Jesus toward Jerusalem and respond to his call in our lives.  Perhaps as part of our journey we might want to ask ourselves the same questions.  Is there a cost to being with Jesus?  if so, what is it and can we pay it?  When we meet him in the graveyard at Easter will be ready to pay the price?  

(c) 2015 David Cartwright

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