An offering from Beverly: Praise in the midst of pain

Psalm 43

When you can’t see His hand, trust His heart. A familiar saying, but how do we trust from dark valleys, lost hope and God’s silence?  I have known depression, when I have longed for His hand seen, His presence felt, His voice heard, and His rescue boldly given. I longed for hope and joy in God once again.light the candle

In the midst of his deep depression, the Psalmist continued to praise God and receive encouragement by remembering his past experiences of joy in God’s presence, in God’s goodness, light and truth. I am also encouraged by remembering my past experiences with God, in His goodness and His love, that lead me to notice His treasures in darkness and His gifts in the secret places of my heart.

Lent brings an invitation to come to God with open hands, to bring a sacrifice of praise in the midst of pain, and to hold fast onto hope in God. Will you join me?

(c) 2015 Beverly Middleton

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