An offering from Regina: Confident Complaint

Psalm 22: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

When we are hurting these words can spring forth from our lips, find their way into the air and we wonder if they go any farther than our own ears.

While sitting wForlorn treeith a friend who is experiencing the lowest point in her life, these words came into our conversation in the form of “why me?” a question that she has never asked in previous battles.  This one is different – harder, deeper and more life-altering than all the others combined. Yet, as she poured out her story and her feelings she was able to give thanks for the good times and the healing that God brought to her life in past troubles. In true lament form, she cried out to God, made her complaint and then offered thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in the past and her confidence that God would, indeed, continue to be steadfast in supporting her through this time of trial.

Lament is a passionate conversation with God expressing our deepest feelings and placing them where they can be used for healing – in the hands of a compassionate and loving God who also wants that healing above all else.

(c) 2015 Regina Hunt

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