An offering from Lee: Leaders should be…

Titus 1:8

(Leaders should be) “hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.”

On the one hand this seems like very reasonable requirements for any leader. Unfortunately, these characteristics don’t seem to be that important in our leaders in the corpDSCN1447orate world anymore.  So it makes it even harder to work toward these goals when society outside of church doesn’t seem to value them anymore.  These are hard things to do even when everyone supports you!  These are some of the things Jesus came to teach us to do. These are some of the ways God has always wanted us to act.  So what do I do to try to act more like that?  I pray.  I ask God for the ability to act in these sorts of ways.  I pay attention for opportunities to act in these ways.  I am forgiving of others when they do not show me these kindnesses.  I am forgiving of myself when I fail in acting these ways.  I ask forgiveness for my mistakes and failures.  I pray.  I try again.  You need to remember, no one has ever been made whole from guilt or shame and that includes me…it includes you. You want to know how to change people? You don’t, love does.  You want to know how to be changed?  Trust and depend on God’s love because God is faithful… in all things!  We learn to be more hospitable, loving what is good, using self-control, acting right, holy and disciplined because God’s transforming love makes it possible.


(c) 2015 The Rev. Lee Self

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