An Offering from Lil: A New Fast

My children go to camp in the summer for three to four weeks.  I love that they have time away from the city to connect with  God in nature.  One of the most important things I have come to realize is the benefit of being “unplugged” for at least three weeks.  No phone, no internet, no texts, no emails, no noise competing for their time.

No noise competing for their tiIMG_2125me.

Instead they heard the rain, they saw the stars, they laughed with friends from all over the country, they let go of the pretense of the media vying for their time, and they reconnected with their authentic selves.

No noise competing for their time.

Yesterday I took a fast, just one day, from the world competing for my time.  Today I must work to get a few things done.  But tomorrow I will do it again.  I will water the flowers, I will dig in the dirt, I will walk in the woods, I will listen for God’s voice in His creation.

May you be blessed and take time to fast.

No noise competing for your time.

With a grateful heart,


(c) 2014, Rev. Lil Smith

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