An Offering from Diana: A Sense of Wonder

November is the time of Thanksgiving, a time we want to cultivate a grateful heart.  In the class I am currently taking in ministry I learned a great way to do this.  In discussing the healing ministry of Jesus, the professor asked, “do we see miracles today?”  The class was fairly quiet as we pictured Jesus’ miracles that caused the blind to see and the dead to rise and tried to relate those to today.

Then he said, “what if we use the word “wonders” to describe what Jesus did?  Where do we see wonders today?”  We realized we see wonders everywhere: in nature, in the love of families, in people who have gone through heartbreaking situations and are now living  joyful new lives, formerly rebellious teens who are now living responsible, productive lives, people changed through faith, the loyalty of our pets, music and art, creative moments.  The list can keep growing  the more we think about.

Take a moment right now to reflect on where you have seen wonders recently.  Take time to thank God for them.  Looking for wonders, for the many generous gifts that come across our path, can change the way we look at our lives.

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