An offering from Nancy: It kept eluding me

I noticed the coaster fell when I picked up my coffee cup, and so I leaned over from my rocking chair to pick it up. But it slid away from my fingers. Somehow I couldn’t get hold of it for that simple task. I could touch it and the smooth wood feel made me know I was connecting with the right object, but, it kmug & saucerept eluding me. I couldn’t get under it to lift it and move it back to it’s right place. I had to shift it around, be a bit more intentional, lift up an edge first, then slip my finger under it lest it flop back onto the floor’s grip. Finally, that little round disk cooperated to let me help it return to where it belongs.

So much manipulating to merely pick up this humble object! And the accomplishment took more persistence and patience than I had expected.

How much more, when something in me is out of place! You do not want to leave me that way, O God. You reach down and, desiring to put me right, you work your way around to find an angle, an opening, a place where I will let you take hold and lift me up.

Praise to you, lifting, persistent, retrieving God!



Nancy Dunkerley



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