An offering from Lil: Waiting for You

As I rushed by you this morning,
I took a beautiful picture.
Joy brushed my heart.
Then, I rushed on to my meeting.

Later in the day,
I noticed you were waiting for me.
The water was so still.
The morning light was just right.
The oars had been loaded.

When I returned, the slip was empty.
Sadness filled my heart.

I pray that you are there tomorrow.
I look forward to the ripples we encounter together.
Wait for me.

Holy Light,
As the days become busy beyond measure, wait for me.
Forgive me for rushing by.
Thank you for the beautiful landscape you prepare for our journey together.
You are the true joy in my day.
In your holy name I pray.

May you find joy as you take pictures of God’s amazing creation today.
With a grateful heart,

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