An offering from Nancy: Hogan of the Holy

Hogan of the Holy

Re-read an old journal entry recently in which I wonder with God about the image of being a “temple” of the Holy Spirit. I was thinking the idea of a Temple sounds awfully formal and uninviting except to others who follow the inevitable Temple rules.

My wonderings were whether God might be interested in my being a home or a dwelling of some kind other than a temple that I picture as expensive and made of old marble. Then I remembered some of the things I’d read about a Navaho hogan, sacred home for the Diné (Navajo) people who practice traditional religion. Every family — even if they live most of the time in a newer home — must have the traditional hogan for ceremonies..

I like the stories that tell of the building the first hogan as a gift that is part of their Creation story. Hogans were a part of the plan all along. And the idea that hogans are places of healing and keeping balance inspires me. Hogans are compassionate and peaceful abodes.  And that songs were sung during their making is all the more special. Created in song and blessing—what a destiny!

If the scriptures had arisen out of a North American culture, it might have spoken on God wanting to build his hogan among us, and even inviting us to become Hogans of the Holy ourselves.

Then I’d also want to learn the songs.



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